About Us

Beneath the Toast


Built on the basis that tradition need not be replaced by the changing times. 壹家 (Yi Jia), which means One Family in Mandarin, is one of the few modern bakery/café that still retains its traditional roots whilst keeping up with the times BY providing more fashionable Taiwanese-styled creations.

We have maintained our traditional way of dough preparation which allows for a softer texture that most pioneers would remember so dearly.

The traditional flavour of every product is additive-free, quality assured and handmade daily by our team of talent bakers who use only fresh ingredients that leave you craving for more.

Our signature product would hands down be our Flower Loaf (Hua Bao). It goes well with our house-made kaya along with a cup of coffee/tea. The best way to have your breakfast.


All product are made with love